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Specialized Aluminum Repair on Oahu

The Unique Needs of Aluminum

Because aluminum is a lighter and rust-resistant metal, it’s a great material for cars. However, aluminum’s pliability and lack of metal memory make it very tricky to repair. If you have an aluminum vehicle, don’t let just anyone work on your vehicle; instead, bring it to the specialists at C&H Body & Fender, Inc.

Our Dedicated Repair Space

While ordinary steel can be repaired with a hammer and dolly, aluminum cars have to be heated up and treated carefully for the best results. To make this possible, we have a portion of our shop dedicated to aluminum repairs, and we are equipped with the proper tools and equipment to complete those repairs.

Our Specially Trained Mechanics

Just having the necessary equipment for aluminum repairs does not guarantee an effective repair. Our mechanics receive hours of special training to ensure they can repair any aluminum vehicle. To get your vehicle looking as good as new, make an appointment with our shop.

Entrust Your Vehicle to Our Specialized Technicians

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